My Favorite Gluten Free Finds

I thought it would be fun to make a list of the gluten free foods that I have found throughout the years and have come to love. I don’t necessarily eat these items everyday, but they are good to have on hand and are delicious.

I absolutely love these breads! I do not feel like I am eating gluten free bread. I like to toast my bread and slather some peanut butter on top. I eat them for breakfast, lunch and as snacks. Delicious!

These waffles are the best! Again, I do not feel like I am sacrificing flavor by eating these gluten free waffles. I also toast these and eat them with peanut butter because everything is better with peanut butter, right?? 🙂

I use this flour for many different things, such as: pizza dough, personal size brownies, cookies, breads, and pancakes. It works just like regular white flour would so there are no worries when using it!

I have tried different brands of gluten free pasta and this is my favorite. I do not believe it has a chewy texture or makes me feel like I am eating gluten free pasta. I eat this with red sauce and lots of sauteed veggies!

Do you eat gluten free?


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